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Re: Changed my mind......(WoSS British Artillery) Battalion guns

Thanks for your extensive reply. However, I've noticed that you didn't say a word about the design of the guns. So the weird angle of the dolphins, the complete lack of any decorative elements on the tubes, the lack of iron brackets to reinforce carriages and wheels, and even that really strange positioning of the "eye" at the tail of the carriage, all this is perfectly acceptable to you? Truly amazing ...
I agree with the critique. The canons seems to be very simple in contrast to the high quality of the men. I am missing too iron brackets on the wheels, any texture of wood and a more detailed profile of the canon barrel. It´s a pity that these canons are more in the tradition of old Airfix than Zvezda. We know that other qualities are possible today.So I hope still, we may receive more detailed canons.

Re: Changed my mind......

Wow, I can see what you all mean!

A lovely looking set. One that is eminently useful for other nations too, including those further north—not that one needs to at the rate that Strelets is churning them out!

As Radders noted in another thread; it is only early Feb. too.

Regards, James

Re: Changed my mind......

Whilst not a period I collect the current WSS figures are looking really attractive and it is great to see fellow forum members so happy and contented with these sculpts.

Who knows, perhaps they will tempt me further along the way! Strelets,you deserve much praise in your subject manner and hard work. Can't wait to see what other fascinating ideas you have planned for us your loyal followers! Fingers crossed for more deserty delights, (I'm sure Alan agrees !?) Polish-Russo war and early WW2 .. but whatever you do we watch with baited breath ...

Re: Changed my mind......

Will not buy any set of the Strelets WSS range unless there are some troops for Prince Eugen.

Re: Changed my mind......

Could these pass for artillery if the Jacobite Wars (45 rebellion)?

Re: Changed my mind......

Michael Watson
Could these pass for artillery if the Jacobite Wars (45 rebellion)?
There's no facings or turnbacks on the coat, the cuffs are too big, the pockets look a bit too pronounced and are horizontal rather than vertical, and the neckcloth should perhaps be tucked in.

Otherwise they're not a million miles away, you could perhaps do something with paint and an exacto knife but I believe that Harron is sculpting a Jacobite Rebellion R.A. set for Redbox which should be a better option. Erich Von Manstein posted a picture on Benno's:

Like the other WSS sets I will be looking at these to see if I can use any for the 45; Senior officers or perhaps Jacobite artillery in civilian dress. The officer with the telescope is very tempting.