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Re: Ops....It' s friday again...

I agree with all the previous comments, great sculpting Strelets team , very tempted , but don't really want to start a new period.

Re: Ops....It' s friday again...

Yet more temptation

Re: Ops....It' s friday again...

Stretlets, this is turning into the most comprehensive and best sculpted series ever. Bravo!

Re: Ops....It' s friday again...

Please...We need an "anglereverse" for the standard bearer.

Re: Ops....It' s friday again...

Dear Strelets,

It's cavalry time in the War of Spanish Succession! Plenty of them needed for that period and you are delivering in spades. Not the cuirassiers, so there are even more on the way.

Looks like more fabulous detail on the troopers in this, mainly, at rest set. I always liked the variety of horses that you provide in your cavalry sets of the past and it seems this is continuing in this era.

I'll wait, patiently, for the remaining Russian Napoleonics! Whilst Alan has lots to keep him going in the sandpit, I too have 'a few' to be going on with.

Regards, James

Re: Ops....It' s friday again...

Hello Mr. Strelets and to all,

I have looked very carefully at this set, and it seems to me that they would be the dragons of her British Majesty's Guard. Perhaps be the Blue's guards? ? ? . Moreover I guess on some characters, the tip of a gun barrel. But then again it is possible that this is a false image, a bad view. In any case, I look forward to the arrival of all these sets at the merchants.

I have a question for Mr. Strelets; Do you have an ESTIMATION of publication?

While waiting for your answer, be thanked for these dreams . . . .