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In Anticipation of Orthodox Christmas

Dear Sirs,

in anticipation of Russian Christmas we submit your attention few new masters:

Best regards,


Re: In Anticipation of Orthodox Christmas

Superb, superb, superb.
These are grenadiers. Looking forward to the marching and attacking versions.

Re: In Anticipation of Orthodox Christmas

Really something to look forward to. Great subjects and nice sculpts. I've long reflected that over the years I've gathered many, many loading and shooting poses (though looking at some of them and comparing them with recent offerings from various sources they now seem a bit crude) - but for Napoleonic warfare I really needed more troops in formation poses. That need/desire is being fulfilled in spades. Thank you for your endeavors.

Re: In Anticipation of Orthodox Christmas

First: Happy Orthodox Xmas to You!!
Second:nice figs...I hope to see every napoleonic sets in attack and marcing too.
Tirth: why every producer make only russian granadiers and did not the line inf.?

Re: In Anticipation of Orthodox Christmas

I really like these figures is the no end to the great sets you are releasing in the forthcoming year I am losing count of the sets I must have this year & its only January.

Re: In Anticipation of Orthodox Christmas

Strelets, don't forget the band... :wink:

And if you need more information about Russian bands of the Napoleonic era, this is a start:

And for those who don't know how the music they played sounded, just two examples, played according to the original scores (they are from the early 19th century Russian collection of army marches, arranged or composed by the director of the Russian Imperial Guard bands, Anton Doerfeldt (1781-1829). The Prussians adopted them from 1817 on...) :

Re: In Anticipation of Orthodox Christmas

This set looks promising I do hope to see action poses..and in summer uniform,too....

Re: In Anticipation of Orthodox Christmas

Fantastic looking figures, very nice sculpting and good detail.
Great to see that Strelets pays more attention to the major belligerents of the napoleonic wars now. Austrians, Russians & Prussians. Will buy in numbers!

We wish a very happy & save orthodox christmas season to the Strelets team, their families and all participating readers.


Re: In Anticipation of Orthodox Christmas

I'm among those who are waiting this set for sure !