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Washing machine

Hi , this message, if it reaches you is for Paul Glaze.
The original owner of piper boat Alice, built 2000.
It has come time for us to remove the now defunct washing machine from its snug cupboard on board Alice.
But after measuring all the exits of the boat we cannot fathom how to lift it out. Did the interior fit out happen after it was brought onboard, or how did it reach its present position? Any tips on how to
A; remove it.
B; bring a new one aboard.

All the inner and outer doorways range from 430mm to
540 mm wide and the machine has a 600 width & depth.
Anybody been in a similar predicament?

Re: Washing machine

It’s all sorted, it came out of the side doors no problem.
It was just my incorrect measurements that made me panic 😱