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Idly Dan

Anyone know where Idly Dan is now? We were friends of the original owners in 1982 and spent many happy days on the boat.

Re: Idly Dan

No sorry no recent news of Idly Dan. I have many happy memories of Times on the boat and the fun they had at various rallies. What an amazing couple! What often happens is the boat name gets changed and unless we get a query re verifying a second hand Piper we have no idea where it is. Idly would be easy to identify.
Hopefully it’ll pop up at some stage. I hope to see someone later this week who may be able to help. I’ll update if they know anything.

Re: Idly Dan

I saw the friends that I thought might have news of Idly. Up to 18 months or so ago she was moored on the T & M above Fradley but wasn’t there when they passed there this year. She could have moved to the nearby marina. The said she looked in good condition and have said they’ll let me know if they find out more. Keep an eye on here, although they moor on the Thames and probably won’t be back on the canals until next season.