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Fuel Tank Gauge

We have a 2015 Piper 49' with 1200 litre Fuel Tank. I thought I had used a lot of fuel over the winter with the heating on, the gauge was reading just under 1/4 full. filled up this week (slow fill and even then fuel came out of the breather) so the tank is full! however the gauge reads just over 1/4 full. I have disconnected the reader and the gauge goes blank, there is a Schrader valve in the diesel line and I have pressed it in but no joy.
Has anyone had a similar problem, any solutions?

Re: Fuel Tank Gauge

J'ai le même problème pour la jauge du diesel (moteur) et pareil que pour le fuel (poêle).
Rien ne fonctionne et je ne sais si on peut les régler. Merci pour l'aide
Kokoro est un piper 57N