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Is my boat a piper

I’m trying to find out if a boat we bought recently is a piper

Pictures of it can be found on the face book link below

It’s current name is Amos Mosses and had been at the boat and butty boat yard in Runcorn for probably around 20 years

Any help appreciated


Re: Is my boat a piper

Good to hear from you. I've had a look at the thread thanks, lots of information there. Before I get David to look in detail, have you any more details. Original engine, length and any idea of the year of build please.

Look forward to hearing from you

Re: Is my boat a piper

Hi Dot

Thanks for your reply, the boat is current 50 foot, but appears to have had a section added approx 8 feet, I’ll check when next there.

Current engine is 3 cylinder lister air cooled, sure this isn’t the original as there is what appears to be a skin tank on the inside of the engine room, port side.

Sorry for lack of information, previous owners aren’t available to answer any questions

Jeff Round

Re: Is my boat a piper

Further to my reply, on the boats page, link sent earlier, there is horizontal strengthening on the internal lower sides of the hull, suspect this may point definitively at the builder.

Re: Is my boat a piper

Yes. There are some things that point to it being one of ours. I need to discuss it with David first but I suspect it was once a 45ft thats been extended - the window shapes are another clue.

There are quite a few things that don't fit but if it was supplied as a bare shell and not fitted out at the yard then the stage beyond that wouldn't be piper-standard fit out. If it's the boat I'm thinking of the original engine was a Vetus 1.4

Re: Is my boat a piper


We've spent quite a time this morning looking at your info. Although I had thought I'd identified the boat, now I've got Davids opinion its a definite no.

The bow is wrong as is the top plank and the boat is much deeper drafted than ours. You were right about the horizontal bearers but when we switched to these we also altered the framing and this isn't evident.

Anyway, you've got yourself a project there. It should keep you busy for a while!


Re: Is my boat a piper

Hi Dot

Thanks for the time you’ve spent, much appreciated, looks like we’ll have to keep looking around, would be good to find it’s history.