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how do I add images to a message

Can someone explain to me how to add images to a message?


Re: how do I add images to a message


I do it through Photobucket. It used to be quite complicated and there are instructions here, but Photobucket is much more up to date now and if you download it you'll be talked through it.

Its worth messing about a bit because if you don't like what you see (or don't see) you can remove and try again!

It would be lovely to have more photos on!

Re: how do I add images to a message

I tried that
Registered with Photobucket
Thought that I had selected the right options
When I looked at the posting when I first put it up it was fine now the photos have disappeared and photobucket now tell that they want $399.99 as I am using third party hosting!

is that any way that I can edit the posting that I have already made?


Re: how do I add images to a message

Can't understand that, if you registered directly with photo bucket.

Once you have the photo in your library you click on it and select copy on the right hand side, then open the forum entry and copy. You then can choose whether to make if permanent or delete or try again.

Re: how do I add images to a message

I can't understand it either
Is there anyway that I can edit the exist posting or do I need to add another?