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Timolass Canal Barge

Dear Friends,

My Grandfather (Bert Makin) had a boat built by David Piper in the early 1970’s at his boatyard in Kidsgrove, Staffordshire.

The naming ceremony for the boat was on the 29th July 1972 and the following people were present along with our family; Simon Piper, Andrew Piper, Timothy Piper, Dorothy Piper and David Piper.

It was a steel canal barge approx. 40’ long and I have photographs of it moored in Marple in 1975 and in Middlewich in 1976.

The boat was first called Timolas and then the name had to be changed to Timolass with a double ’s' on the end so it could be registered to sail on the Thames….. typical bureaucracy !

My Grandfather has long since passed away but we would love to find out what has happened to this great old boat and where it is now !

I just wondered if you had any records or whether you had any good contacts who could help us trace this beautiful boat, which holds many happy childhood memories for us.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail at tim@tmakin.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Tim Makin

Re: Timolass Canal Barge

Sorry Tim, I've only just got back on to the forum, just to confirm that I replied to this and we've been in touch.


Re: Timolas Canal Barge

Hi Dot,
Thanks for getting back to me. I just wondered if you had managed to find out what had happened to my fathers old narrowboat 'Timolas'.
I look forward to hearing from you, or anyone who has any information.
Many thanks,

Re: Timolas Canal Barge


Sorry, I've not managed to find Timolas. It has almost certainly had a name change and could even have been extended, We'll keep looking. We managed to place a boat built in the same era a week or so ago, to the delight of the new owners!

This particular boat had had a name change and the main clue came from the fact that in all that time, she was still moored broadly in the area where she originally went and a unique layout and window pattern!