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Tiller Problems

We have a 9 year old Piper Narrow boat, and the rudder has a lot of play in it. Can anyone suggest how to rectify this? We will be taking her out for blacking soon.

Re: Tiller Problems

Hi Sue
We also have a 9 year Piper boat Amadeus 11 with play between tiller and rudder, see my post. Have you solved your problem with the tiller? I would be very interested and grateful to know and what needed to be done.
John Avery

Re: Tiller Problems

On the end of the tiller shaft (under water - you can see it when the boat is out) is a wedge which fits into a cup on the rudder itself. I know this sounds dodgy, but the way to lose the play is to apply a big hammer to the boss that the swans neck attaches to. The downward force will tighten the joint. Hope that helps!