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Dishwasher/washing machine - no water

SWMBO requires me to ask for help because the dishwasher and washing machine both show "no water" icons and refuse to wash!

Any ideas what might have jammed, stuck or been turned off last year and been forgotten this spring?

Taps, shower and aircon all work; so is it isolation valves Icannot see or something stuck?

Why do I need a washing machine and dishwasher? I have Gill.

Batteries still flat so I cannot drive around hoping whatever it is gets shaken loose.


John S

Re: Dishwasher/washing machine - no water

Problem Solved!

Washing machine was the water feed isolation tap hidden behind the machine once I had put the machine back into its housing the other day and not turned back on when I reconnected the pipe.

The dishwasher wouldn't fill because it thought it had run out of salt (well done Bosch, you could have told me I was out of salt without refusing to do anything)

Engine and generator batteries still flat though... that's worrying.