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Help wanted with experience of an ECO fan - do they work?

Some of the wide-beam owners have been using their own forum, seeking advice on general maintenance, moorings, facilities etc., for some time. Many are also members of our club. This isn't the PBOC but it's all Piper boats and they've offered access to it for our club members.

There's a query on there re ECO fans so if you'd like to offer help, or simply view the forums, you'll need to register the first time at www.bargelucie.co.uk/forum

If you'd prefer to reply on our own forum I can forward the response. I know some of our members have used ECO fans.

FOR NON MEMBERS who'd like to offer advice, our own forum is open to all, but if you post to it we can pass it on.

Re: Help wanted with experience of an ECO fan - do they work?

This is a bit of an old post but, bearing in mind that folks probably pop in and out of this forum seeking info even if it appears rather quiet, perhaps a late response wouldn't go amiss? We have an ecofan on our Narrowboat stove which I think probably helps heat distribution a bit, although many dispute such claims. Nevertheless, one thing it definitely does very well is give you an instantly recognisable indication of how your fire is performing. It's far more noticeable than a stove thermometer and, although we have one of those too, it's always the speed of the fan which tells when the fire needs attending to. It looks pretty good too.... in my opinion!

Re: Help wanted with experience of an ECO fan - do they work?

Thanks for this, I think this sums up the situation.

The forum is open for anyone to follow and I really wish we could encourage more interest. Some of the best advice about all things boating come from the owners and their experiences.

I've just put a post on re the pub a Wheaton Aston installing washers and driers for use of boaters - this is brilliant.

Thank you again