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What did you think of the musical 'Shout' ?
Fantastic - Couldn't be better
I liked it very much
I enjoyed part of it but not all of it
It was okay
I liked the dancing a lot
I liked the songs a lot
I thought Campbell was very good as J.O'K
I didn't think Campbell was a good J.O'K
I was dissapointed in most of the show
I didn't like it at all

What do you think of Johnny O'Keefe?
I think he was terrifc
He was okay
I don't like him much
I like his songs but not him
I would have liked to have seen him live
I preferred other OZ stars more

Do you have any OZ 50's CD's in your collection?
Yes I have lots
I have a few
I have one
No I don't but would like to have some
No I don't and that's fine
I'm going to get some

What age group are you in?
0 to 12
13 to 18
19 to 24
25 to 30
31 to 40
41 to 50
51 to 60
61 and oooover..

Would to like to see some OZ 50's music shows?
I already go to them in clubs
I have gone once but will go again
I have gone but didn't like it
I don't want to
I haven't before but might later
I haven't before but definately will

What is your favourite J.O'K Song
She's my baby
Wild One (Real Wild Child)
I Thank you
She wears my ring
Come on and take my hand
I'm Counting on you
Another one of his hits
Another one from his albums
I don't like any

Who is your favourite OZ star from the era 1957 to 1964?
Johnny O'Keefe
Col Joye
Lonnie Lee
Lucky Starr
Johnny Devlin
The Delltones
Alan Dale
Barry Stanton
Warren Williams
Another not mentioned above

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