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Welcome to our FORUM. Feel free to post a message, news, comments..... Les vrais haitiens vont profiter de ce forum, non pas pour defendre les interets des Lavalassiens ou de la Convergence,mais plutot pour apporter des Idees constructives pour l'avancement de ce beau pays, Haiti Cherie que nous aimons tous. ======================================================

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Bible based haitian church In Georgia

Eglise Evangélique Mont-des-Oliviers : Is a Haitian Christian church Located in Dallas, Georgia 30132. If you are looking for a bible driven church that will help you in your quest to be saved visit us at http://www.eemdo.org. May the Word of God prevail (Acts 19:20) in our preaching, evangelism, and personal lives.

Location Dallas, GA 30132

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