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Welcome to our FORUM. Feel free to post a message, news, comments..... Les vrais haitiens vont profiter de ce forum, non pas pour defendre les interets des Lavalassiens ou de la Convergence,mais plutot pour apporter des Idees constructives pour l'avancement de ce beau pays, Haiti Cherie que nous aimons tous. ======================================================

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12Tel the best way to call Haiti and the World

If you are tired of buying calling cards and they
don't work. 12Tel is the way to go !!



We are also expanding and we are looking for independent agents, Store owners, Multi-Service and Money Transfer stores to sell our service and put money in your pocket.

Location New York/Boston/Florida

Re: 12Tel the best way to call Haiti and the World

Just visited your site, we are looking for Independent Reps all over the world to Market this new product it's a VIDEO PHONE all you do is plug it into any internet line anywhere around the world and you see the person on the other line, of course the other person need to have a video phone also in order for you to see each other ortherwise it will be an audio call, imagine talking to anyone anywhere around the world UNLIMITED for free. FOR MORE INFO VISIT www.viprebellion.com - compensation plan is unbilievable www.learnwhatwedo.net for a 5 minute presentation. my website is www.5linx.net/beagy, would love to hear your feed back you can call me at 1-800-875-0455. I really KNOW this product will enhance your business. By the year 2009 every home will have a video phone, those who have start selling first will have the most financial reward.

Location georgia

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