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Haiti’s Clash Of The Restavek Is Not Political

Dated: November 15th 2007

Quick Thinking Brilliant

Bonsoir et Bonjour!

Joyeux Noel Et Bone Anne 2008!

Allow me to conclude in short my blog inputs. I apologize if I was an obstacle and people were profoundly fed-up with me when I stayed awhile. However I like to visit the Haitian websites and read. I don’t participate anymore and decided sometime ago to immediately wrap up. Afraid of the next aftermath in retributions so in closing please allow me to conclude with the following below.

Haiti’s Clash Of The Restavek Is Not Political

None-expert perspectives to any views are written below. Supposedly the followings in today’s new world there are many obverses that would rally this view within Haiti’s general public society in the world.

In fact cultivators around the world assessment would offer a characteristic glimpsed of that innermost embedded and deep-seated transformation apparition on its applications to the rights and wrongs about what is a Haiti restavek au monde? The vital ethnicity, race, gender, organizations etc. continues to flourish through the heritage, followed by the earliest and splendid periods which paved the way to restavek realizations. Their integral base establishment also burgeon trough education, literacy, intellect, art, civilization, agriculture, politics, business and edifier, average or affluent ever since etc. Essentially restaveks became a traditional way of life.

Naturally the word speaks for itself without a need to describe. Restavek is a dominant value to the Haitians and Haitian Internationals in a structural sustains system. Allow me to revisiting restavek name by definition in its functionalities. Appropriately to the entity of its structural embrace adaptation which has yet to be predetermine in identity appreciation and type.

Meanwhile the dissimilarity of the word restavek across the expansion continues to be typified with respect: a). To the main belief in principles abide by the society in which we live. b). Or embarrassment to the best practice in value of its improvements or capital.

The junior term restavek is often utilized more over to operate, absorb, and manage which seems highly noteworthy. The great odds and probability is it’s disenfranchised also worth noting due to comparable intolerance and condescension attraction to the standoff representation. The pinnacle term restavek, which is all about revamp, still remains unreliable, erratic, and capricious. The clash of the restavek in and out of wedlocks model erupted in our very eyes. By the same token vital reviews and heir reconsideration were in an utmost critical increased in midyear 2000’s. To that event Haitians and Haitians Internationals a portion ignored and overlooked the breakdown; while others assumed the worst forthcoming tip over about restavek malfunction was about to collide. Hey! The unforeseeable and forgotten restavek dug up stories of passion made structural with vague identity crises overheads began to dissimulate. It ruptured the bubbles of (past tense) that reflected in recent clash.

Again the political episode public appraisal unrestricted direct/

Indirect crises of midyear 2000’s could not be ignored it impacted la societe Haitienne au monde and their generations. Yet and still Haiti’s clash of the restavek is not a political one. “Based on the fact the shape of politic and restavek hierarchies common ground is not in shred split rivalry but in a descending/ascending social order. So it cannot distinctively be equally compared and would be an inconsistent mismatch to do so. The unparalleled allow corrective emergency with fewer tolerance and more law in order to the outstanding of its formations. The matchless also greatly penalize irregularities but in different streams of their perspectives unit specs. Though notably perhaps politic and restavek egalitarianism and propriety is in a general board exchange respite--- et z’autre fraction ki kour avek le temps global. In formal and crystal clear lever that cannot be comparing with, despoiled or untainted.

Imaginably when the walls of restavek reflections incomparability becomes absent thru fragmentations of vulnerable comparable identity in crisis. There’s a possibly in an emblematical environment the wall of restavek reflection incomparability remain intact without identity crisis. The encouraged continued stunning success of Haitian and Haitian International literal of icons remains its fortune.

a). In the meantime if unimpressed identity in crisis manners is left silence, meaningless to the lack of interest. Just too purposely disregard les detachments des engagements; without any typesets of superlative internship version to rise above uneven stuff to fully exemplify and instruct concepts to what’s biased and unbiased? What’s Political and none-Political? Need or don’t need to be informed etc. Again, it would undoubtedly pass the time ap vagabonde while observing the fewer options of quotient of the illogical total deficiencies of an intolerable passive tolerance out of the ordinary.

b). for time is at a standstill to what men leave behind. Supposedly to pay attention long terms of looming probe of variables in comparability to some degree would undoubtedly survey and test certain adroit for a gauge temperament vise-versa or straightforward basic moral fiber or immoral as in particulars, maladroit wou debauchee, assonance and lessons from the public inhabitant of its applications.

c). When places of the habitually irregular happens assortment immediately take place to counterbalance and maximize standards and make light of the interpretation of their highs and lows points in a society.” Forgive me if I am wrong please correct me on this one… the mixture for such a cleverness relative or irrelative observed by the notion of point in modifications. The abstract is its decipherable to be or not to be in matters includes awkwardness or enchantments of demonstrability.

The reality might be to what an ego crumble or assimilate between the differences and the gaps in the following.

1). Good personality and bad principles; Does this follow the rules and regulations of good judgment Yes or No?

2). Bad personality and good principles; Does this follow the rules and regulations of good judgment Yes or No?

3). Bad personality and bad principles; Does this follow the rules and regulations of good judgment Yes or No?

4). Good personality and good principles; Does this follow the rules and regulations of good judgment Yes or No?

z’Autre regards’--- according to anecdote supposedly vis-à-vis relation treatment of restavek- subservient term-type as inferiorly degraded and non-restavek-subservient term-type as superior to humiliate which is a moral wrong if considered. Restavek deference would be left unaccounted to inequalities of well mannered. A fresher start is needed to recover restavek syndrome or the epidemic crossness from the asymmetrical identity crisis of inheritance to converge a balance towards constructivism that everyone can live with. Works are probably being done to recuperate. So I apologize if I am totally wrong on this again please correct me.

Restavek pettiness at the bottom of the barrel like survival of the …, with reasons that anything goes--- disregarding shared values. Let not forget that restavek helps to provide growth to maneuvers and know how too in a society of prospects ongoing developments.

The visitation of the request was to park and similarly digest the staging far and few in between beyond its apprehension of emergencies. The powerless restaveks’ terms are more seen as the unaccomplished material of expression without a resting place to rise above its opinionated identity in crisis that always yields to downfalls paralyzes good, bad or indifferent. Often the increases chagrin… which creates setbacks with all intentions to moving forward--- yet downfall to where camouflages of trickery, bigotry, nuisance and nightmare troubles are frequently encountered. Moving forward --- but with only a few to promote and ready to lend a hand on positive views in all sets of aspirations.

The repetitive course held in an atypical restavek to another atypical restavek as equal characters of cataclysmic long-term expedition. Provide us with the reality of identity crisis great pins and needles under the garment; again which leaves set backs of irregular period that are completely undecided with lesser notes of options. Yet and still the intact unbend invariables cryptogram alignment and of corrections immovable (atypical to atypical) which differs from another (atypical to atypical) between the curvatures of variables… to (atypical to typical) mark of individuality. Finally the atypical to another atypical more alike could unforeseeably be utilized to disintegrate and/or integrate into whatever typical types far ahead onto other millenniums. Articulating more over a unique world en comparison des ses admirables civilizations of its super time period in the optional extras.

It’s inadequate for a person like me to offer decisions because of non-expert views.

There are many stories about the top, middle and lower tenure of restavek’. To which the opposite can be said; where people start small and make it high in the positions of public service or private sectors reaching and fulfilling their peaks. Yet the indexes do not reflect the further detail of each transcend label unless it’s boxed as restavek by demand only with conductive in place. When categories are identified the standard en suite balance and measure is obtained. The unsatisfactory or fulfilled clarifications remain a current perpetual craft. Hey! This is where the disclaimer comes in plenty. The word “Restavek” could it be that simple? We often deny the name restavek and the results always reflect the main and subordinate silhouette majority of that society. So no! It isn’t that simple.

When restavek incomparability is put to rights whether it’s dispirited or vigorous it tends to provide us with the best free from anxieties @ all levels. The restavek name annoying or provocative as it may seem to be—can also be replaced. We are not sure by definition if it can totally be repaired to find its meaningful place in sets of orderly bespoke of accomplishment with proper objective and standards. We would not have come this far—Out of old time savagery and barbaric ways which calculably and cooperatively found its resolve and forwarded on. Today the world has a more mixture approach to civilizations. Where would we be if the differences did not lead us to a state of mind towards conscious awareness?

Here are some of the fighting words of restavek’ expressions below:

Restavek zinzin on a humoristic point of view is sometimes determined.

Restavek machan di ri ak pwa – Hey!!! Vale moun sayo restavekmen pap monte se enba pou yo toujou rete.

He/she is a dishonored restavek– moun peuple sot toujou parmi les connoisseur’s parske voodou ak restavek fe pou yo.

You are restavek achete figu pepet mayi – peuple restavek toujou restavek.

They are restavek - nap fixe yon gro e bonjen baton certain e kale tout retaveks poutet vent plen surtou vent vide.

We are restavek by necessity – jodia se tou pa-w demain sepa pou yon lot.

In my opinion: Again humor in freedom of speech can also be determined. If not? It becomes another separate private matter but for the most part it shouldn’t be a burden anymore. The mental and physical impact of dispirited damages is a thing of the past at least should be...

En nou gade example sa-a ---- “Yier mwen te konnen pren dlo pou wou pou bwe… nan la kou Haiti serviablemen en restavek; Jodia-a yap toujou continue pren dlo-pou mwen tou pou-m bwe… nan la kou New York serviablemen en restavek.” Whispering a sentiment direct ou indirect made up of values. While some would argue it is well guided mended by its service obligation. That is instill in the creative minds of the anxious profound ambitions of its grand moral logic themes and thereafter. As we know at least the silent behavior de sa transparence brule le koeur de nous chaks. Does Haitian International make Haitian feel substandard (down boy) with lack of all knowledge to everything? Does Haitian make Haitian International feel less significant because they went outside the country and left them hanging with a bunch of grieves and especially with malnutrition? Do this represent an efficacy in the negative or positive between frustrate anguish or self-contained? Will it be a place somewhere to illustrate particular findings to shape la renaissance with all Haitians and Haitians International everywhere atheist or believers?

Finally about the fighting word on restavek zinzin; Eskeu se l’une des raisons ki retarde yon des grands derapmen D’haiti Cherie et de ses bienfaits within the Hatians and Haitian Internationals society of ethnic resemblance? Again this discussion can be incorrect and correct me if I am wrong.

In modem time it is also considered humoristic with much acceptation when we say “an idiot with no real identity restavekmen.” However to make sure that some jokes are kept without demeanors Haitians and Haitians-internationals rightfully are striving to gain the revitalizations between the unfasten comedies humor or horror stories and novelty precision methods of conduct. While in the obvious some people do not pigeonhole at all and fully accept/respect others beyond compare whether it’s class or gender etc. It easier to concur but extremely difficult to understand both due by misinterpretation that is in the way most of the time.

The undertone avant ou après touts jenmen rive pi gran underline the treads of characters.

When disturbances or harmony are made byways in word of expressions each paths are undoubtedly measured in different ways.

1). A sturdy nuisance of insolence always creates an angry environment of destructions and this is based on the hostile irritant defiance in characters. The uncertainty is always the laissez-faire? Intolerable rabble- rousing is unacceptable anyplace and anywhere at anytime.

2). the encouraged points of views in a place are the working together works is based on professional non-professional savoir-faire preference set of options. Do we have to be skilled sometime in order to exercise good judgments?

When restavek indiscretions are found the framework of its agitation explications emblem and anxiety is ongoing. When the complexities of restavek are in segment it would be recognized as 1st 2nd or 3rd class in proposals. Although the applicable raison d'être restavek lui-même has been without validation receipts on dysfunctional zone which as the accuracy of visual scope verification that could demonstrate awareness of its utility in the beliefs, concepts and theories.

Restavek accessibility may be valued only when it’s turned into raw materials gratification of great objectives thrust. Although we are eager to adapt corrective actions in order to increase the views, objectives and revivals by opening the basin of fluency. We cannot forget the discussions around and about restavek malfunction. The unprogressive regrets down the path to rigid circumstances of despair. And its aged in consideration leads us to a point where it too by review on all its diverse or similarities of its entities needs improvement in term of the restavek status.

Let’s not forget of this noteworthy the fixated matter of all. The constructed baseline of restavek incomparability in magnitude is faced with regrets. Yet and still unable to pin point where it flick the beak and became a serious dual dimensions of comparability? Wondering where the severe detestation of its most irritable faced without humor punch line started.

If we take the descendant of characters relationships since Haiti beginning without being accustom to the chronological achievements in admissions of senior attendance. It’s gone to leave a constant premature deep regret apologizing in place at a junior level in an integral constructive society that elevating the bar of improvements. However, if we look at the restavek insight general public novelty and adaptation in our social life, it’s encouraged once again that the clash of the restavek is not political.

The contemporary things are based on upcoming generations who will live to tell the story in a more straightforward and peaceful unyielding manner for raison d'être that our generation lost of gallantry denies that reality rest between pessimistic and optimistic. Passing it on history once again to rewrite the underwrite rights chronological episode of yore events. History will not repeat itself the same way and I’ve learned recently that it never does.

Harvard Classics volume 17


“It happened that a fisher after all day caught only a little fish. “Pray, let me go, master” said the Fish. “I am much too small for your eating just now. If you put me back into the river I shall so grow, then you can make a fine meal off me”

Nay, nay, my little Fish” said the Fisher, “I have you now. I may not catch you hereafter”

“A little thing in hand is worth more than a great thing in prospect.”

You know let me just stop here- my path nowadays has been rough.

“Much outcry, little outcome”

“We can easily represent things as we wish them to be.”

“Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties.”

“Yield to all and you will soon have nothing to yield”

“The strong and the weak cannot keep company”

“Please all and you will please none.”

“It is easy to propose impossible remedies.”

In short the miscellaneous version of “Haiti’s Clash of the Restavek Is Not Political” Non-expert perspective views; Opinions are welcome to pick-up, add, refute, utterly give a face-lift with various fabrics (close to) or (far from) and even pause the subject forever or for just a moment. Other international community respectively can view this topic differently in their cultural perspective decision-making of similarities. However, Haitians and Haitians International respectively because of cultural resemblance may view this topic entirely false or comparable at least en soupire.

Se byen domage brain mwen kanbral a zero barre kounyea –since over a year ago, looking for an optimum. But expect the next retribution. Thank goodness for self-containment never would I forget the tranquility.

En addition pa pou defense-men non; men pale franse correctemem sa-a? Quuuuiiiii!!! Z’yl-y-en-a deu zou twa ki seu perfectionne en franse regulierement chajou bon Die mete, eki represente! Malgre-tou zon ne m-invit pas non… men la wous-kon vie sepa neccesaire ni franse ou kreyol…Et alors allez! Akwa donc faire ens moment?

“Pafwa espri et san espri rimmin imperfection e perfection enmenmten --- mais la realite reste toujours”

“L’existence est toujours agile men le parfait bay tout moun complimen”

“Le grand basin envisage la creation theorical ki ekri juskau-bou des pwen paradigm.”

Piskeu les moments kison dificile m’ettoufe ak anpil raleumen j’ai beaukou faire tande efor zen realite ki na pa d’ importance pour acheuver ses deux lignes non durable.

“Some would say restavek is a disgrace to society-- aimed to exasperated! They don’t fit any category. While others would say restavek is a contribution to society --- aimed to nurture! Put up positive views in a continued cycle of constructive systems.”

There is no competition in sets of rules – rules do not compete – but when competition is practice trough (negative or positive) feed; sets of rules occur or at least should definitely occur…

Again I may have been an inconvenience to all; but the main idea as an American Haitian was to assist in finding outs to crisis. So that others can come to together to bring some type of resolve and tranquility to Haiti and its paste International community of generation of generations society around the world.

Wishing all of u peace and reconciliation…

Thanks for reading!


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