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Winners westie Junior top 10..2007

Congratulations to the winners of the WSN Junior Top 10...2007

1 Right to the top of Surprise 196P
2 Bounty du Moulin de Mac Gregor 138P
3 Alborada Buscador 128P
4 From dash mountain farm's bojangle 126P
5 Sparkling A Bigger Bang 125P
6 Caithness Pompom 105P
7 Naboo aus dem Marie-Annental 100P
8 Metallica at Grandiflora 78P
9 Talk of the Town von Gesekendörpe 76P
10 W.D.O'Lala Spicy 69P

Re: Winners westie Junior top 10..2007


Congratulations to the winners.

Kind regards,


Kennel name West Talisman