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Re: Romans

Dear Noel,

at the moment we don't have plans for the Romans. We will complete the Dacian wars series with the Sarmatians in December.
We're discussing with our business partner possibility of a Big Box set but we aren't on an advanced stage yet and this release is no way granted.


Re: Romans - command set?

There was always the announcement of a Roman Command Set, when all these other sets were released!

Did you skip the Command Set? That would be a pity, cause that's what missing.

Re: Romans

Dear Mr Strelets
Thanks for the quick reply
and I will keep my fingers crossed
in the hope that the big set will come some day.

Roman command

Dear Strelets,

please let your business partner know that a command set will sell at least as well as the previous roman sets, because everyone having soldiers will need officers. And then, there will be those buying the officers AND the previous sets, because they were waiting for the officers. Thus, I really don't understand why this set hasn't been done yet. Assuming that financial interest is the motivation of your company.

I haven't yet heard of 4x4 drive car manufacturers hoping to sell cars with only 3 tyres.

I feel disappointed. Sorry!

Re: Roman command

I haven't yet heard of 4x4 drive car manufacturers hoping to sell cars with only 3 tyres.,r:3,s:0&biw=1024&bih=596