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do you still keep boxes of models you have had for years . i seem to have a huge boxes full of them in the loft .i useualy cut my boxes so they are flat front and back . sometimes i wonder if i should keep them all

Re: boxes

I'm 57 and I've collected all my life but I didn't start saving the leftover boxes till about 10 years ago.I'm sure I've thrown away 1000+, no telling how many.Once I tried switching my figures to plastic storage but it just doesn't look as "cool" stacked on the shelves.I now have a lifetime supply of plastic food storage.I keep the extra figure boxes now for spares and colour guides/refrence and some I cut out and put them up on the hobby room wall.I flatten them and box them up and stack them in a corner.I need to find a place to store them, the stack is getting big.Between the figures boxes and the porn collection I've got quite the fire hazard piling up!

Re: boxes

I tend to keep most of them. Some times, they get lost or scrificed in moves spring cleanings and so on, but I'd say I've got all my boxes from at least 1999 on up. I flatten them and save them in banker's boxes, jus like files. lately I've been leaving a lot intact with the troops still in them. If only I had more time

Re: boxes

I usually keep one box of any set for reference if the artwork's any good and bin the rest. I wash the figures and store them in plastic boxes till I'm ready to paint them.

Re: boxes

So long as the figures are on the sprue and complete I keep them in the box. You never know when you might decide to dump some surplus sets and I figure the buyers would prefer to have them complete, on sprue and in the box. I also find this a good form of inventory control. So long as I have figures in the box I know it is a complete set. Few things are as frustrating as opening up that last box of figures and discovering that you've already used the one figure in the set that you really need.

Once I start removing the figures the box is no longer used as storage. Typically I will save at least a couple of flattened boxes for each type of figures I buy, and the rest get pitched.

Re: boxes

Interesting you would bring this up - as at the encouragement of my better half i threw out a whole bunch of the flattened boxes last week (fire hazard you know) - peace has now returned to the valley.

Re: boxes (Collecting Boxes, Too!)

Dear Chris,

Someday, I'm going to build a large box-style coffee table with a hinged-framed glass top so that I can lift it up, and put my sentimental-favorite Boxes and Play Sets inside just to look at and admire and daydream of "my childhood happy memories." I still get that "Wow!" feeling whenever I pull them out; just like the first time I discovered them in the hobby shops.

The first boxed sets will be my 1960's-1970's Airfix Fort Sahara Boxes (with contents) - The first "Comic Book" style artwork and the last Blue-Box very realistic-like. In fact I like both of the same style Fort Apache sets too.

In those days, the artwork inspired me to beg/borrow/steal/or somehow buy the Play Sets, even if I had to find enough Coke bottles discarded in the tall, grassy, fields surrounding my subdivision to turn in for coin deposits at the local supermarket.

Yes, these magical boxes I'll keep and I'll take to the grave with me.

Chris and other Forum Members - Which are your "Cherished, Favorite, Boxes?"

Thanks for asking and - Happier & Happier Collecting!

Re: boxes (Collecting Boxes, Too!)

I don't know if I have a single favorite. I tend to like the window boxes, and I have pressed some of the big IMEX playset boxes to house some largeer chunks of the collection.