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Re: Set 116 Roman Transport 1

mike b
Every time I try to find their website I seem to end up in ancient Crete...
Ooh! What's it like there? I've always wanted to go to ancient Crete. I bet it's lovely and warm; is it warm? Can you wear flip flops?

Re: Set 116 Roman Transport 1

mike b, it is ok as long as you can read their signs

Re: Set 116 Roman Transport 1

so please strelets sell me one box of those roman transport set nr 1 please

Re: Set 116 Roman Transport 1

please strelets sell me one set of those roman transport please

Re: Set 116 Roman Transport 1

That is not possible. The whole of the production run will be sold by exclusive distributor only.
Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


this situation , can be useful be positive

so strelets, you are approachable for exclusive consignment making of specific figures ? that perhaps why other scheduled lines are delayed, its business i can understand this, but please give us lesser mortals real time deliveries in future.

I continue to extend my collection and expand diodrama around your releases, and when a release delay there is an impact always on time.

I have leap forward with my Silistra so you will soon see teh city walls and first entrenchment sneak preview. After that i make redoubts (earth illani, araba tabia and stone mehidje tabia)of octagons and that leaves only approximate 1000 more figures to be painted before november ,a good estimate. i hope 2012 i can start campaign gaming with them.Unless you hAve more cw, rtw Danube usable releases in store.

What are these blank numbers in CW and RTW.?
ACW will need the above mentioned gaps.
Romans done by you distributed by someone else may be quicker to get to the public perhaps mr ...
okayjust keep on making teh figures s-r.

Re: Set 116 Roman Transport 1

Hello everybody!
Any news about the set? It's the end of June :)