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Confederate Staff

This set seems to be unavailable - is that because it was released and sold out, or not released, or not released in the UK.


Re: Confederate Staff

Dear Marc,

this set is sold out.
Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: Confederate Staff

I still wish you would do the 'foot' set!

Re: Confederate Staff

Yes, the CSA Foot Command set would be really nice to finish out the ACW Commanders in truly soft plastic. These sets are especially nice since and the level of detail is so outstanding.

Funny this has come up as just last weekend I pulled out my same CSA set to make up a set of JEB Stuart's CSA Cavalry. My favorite action CSA Cavalry set is the Gulliver set. So I'm doing head Swoppets for the troopers using the old Airfix CSA Infantry figures in slouch hats. And the S*R JEB Stuart head Swoppet onto the Gulliver Officer looks really authentic. Using Airfix horses gives me the horse casualty and leg swops gives me the trooper firing from behind the horse just like the US Cavalry set. It'll be a couple of weeks to finish, but I'll post some pics here when I've got the traditional 12 all in slouch hats with JEB Stuart leading the charge!

I'm glad to see others who enjoy ACW and appreciate the S*R sets out so far.

So, come on S*R. The CSA Foot Command is a real "must have" to go with your wonderful horse sets.

Re: Confederate Staff

This is new territory for me, so I thought i would start with the command. So I have put an order into Harfields and will see if they have them. The painted example on the Strelets website look quite nice.

Re: Confederate Staff

Great! The painted CSA Generals are an inspiration. Really amazing talent.

I went ahead and bought all 3 S*R ACW Commanders sets when they were first sold. For me, this was especially important because of limited availability in the long run. The sculpting is tops. It would be great if S*R finished with the 4th CSA Foot Commanders. These figures are historically accurate so they are an amazing addition to the ACW subject.

I like to go to Wikipedia Encyclopedia and get a quick read-up on each famous personality in the different sets. Then I make up one General and some Cavalry Troopers or Infantry Troops to go with him, as a kind of mini-set (12 - 24 or so depending).

My favorite Infantry is a set now sold by A Call To Arms. The sprews include 1/72 copies of the famous 54mm Herald-Britains ACW one-piece figures sculpted in the 1960's. The set has a really nice Foot Officer, Bugler, Advanceing, Standing Firing, Marching plus others. I figure if they were nice enough to be sold as Collector's Sets painted in 54mm, then I want them in 1/72. Not a huge range of poses, but top sculpting all around and a feast for your eyes. Here is the link to PSR's Review of Infantry (Thank you DK of PSR):


Re: Confederate Staff

try Harfields

still has them listed

cheers old john

Re: Confederate Staff

Thanks John, but Harfields, although they list them, have confirmed that their distributor is out of stock - I guess like a lot of suppliers they do not carry stock but order from their distributor when they need them.

So this is proving an elusive set. So does anyone have any other suppliers worthy of a try please? I do not need many, so if anybody has one or two they do not need I would be interested in swapping/buying if possible please.