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Mk II Howitzer and Mk XIX Cannon

Now can anyone suggest we use for limbers/tow vehicle with these.where will teh scale fit in.

as these armor sets develpop i think we need a good german and allied field telephone set in helmets and manpack equipment figures.(engineers).
3 carrying field wire packs (1 dispensing)
one laying line
one tying off
one with map helmets all
also stretcher teams crouching under fire
one bearer figure empty with stretcher in a high portefigure in a low porte position runing to casualty
please not -dally upright sniper magnate proper charlies lol

maybe have to convert these but look at oop blandford book of "military trains" for awesome trench ambulance/ammunition contraptions

Re: Mk II Howitzer and Mk XIX Cannon

Strelets please can we see the guns rather than a computer generated image of the guns ? as they are they look good to me,but I would prefer to see the "real" thing.

Re: Mk II Howitzer and Mk XIX Cannon

The MK XIX Gun.. if you really intend this to be used for the BEF in WW2, surely it should have tyred wheels not the WW1 Traction engine wheels..
The ww1 traction wheels generally still look strange to me like the spokes are incorrectly arranged...