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Re: Strelets cant finish cw range until they make artillerie limbers

No Royal horse artillery?
No French Guard artillery?
No Sardinian cavalry?
Etc, Etc....
this range is not finished!!!!!

Re: Crimean War series CLOSURE in sight

Should we take it that you believe that the Crimean range is covered already?

Best regards,

Yes, you should. Now you can put all your effort into producing those great looking guns in the new Strelets Arms range.

And how about a Tank Mark I in 1/72 while you're at it!

Re: Crimean War series CLOSURE in sight

between you and me pda, yes something new but old and catalyst/expansion period linking sets if possible would be key,smart and multy purpose .Banl set uniofroms seem to not change for many years. RG A SET WITH SOFT HAT AND HELMET OPTIONS.ETC