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Future Russian Civil War releases?

For some time ,I am thinking of starting The Russian Civil War period.I cannot make up my mind in which scale.28mm choice is terriffic,but quite expensive.I am a fan of 1;72 plastic, anyways.I know there are many producers (HAT,Strelets,Orion...) that make RCW or WW1 useful figures.Determining factor in choosing 1:72 ,for mr would be the knowledge that there are more planes for more figures,especially Red and White infantry.Do you hear any rumors?

Re: Future Russian Civil War releases?

Well there's a rumour Orion are making some Makhnovist anarchist insurgents:,700

HaT's Putilov gun, WW1 Russian artillery crew, cav and cossacks will also be useful additions.

Still need some naval infantry though.