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The Winter War

Dear Russo Finnish war fans in the UK
Much to my my surprise the Finnish classic "The Winter War" (1989)* was in the new section(prob new sub titles) at my local W H Smiths. Well worth buying if you are interested in the proposed Strelets set.
Don't go by the DVD box art as the tanks in the film are T26s not T34s and it looks very authentic to me. Some great ideas for dioramas.
If you are not interested in the Winter War period 1939-40 you may just be after watching this film.


*Talvisota in Finnish

Re: The Winter War

Saw it years ago, very good movie.
Also another excellentmovie is a Czech movie released in 2010 called Tobruk.
You should see it, very realistic ...:)

Re: The Winter War

There are two versions of "The Winter War" available here in Finland: a 191 min edition (on 1 DVD, subtitles in Swedish and English) and a 264 min edition (on 2 DVDs, miniseries, seems to be without English subtitles)

I haven't seen the 125 min US cut (or mutilated) version but I've got the impression that the cut was not a very good one