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Re: Masters for French Field Artillery 1855

Dear Louis

I would have preferred more of the shirt sleeved crew as they look very useful and could convert to lots of other periods. Modelling the stripe on the trousers is an own goal imltho ( limits their usefulness). I am not sure who has been clamouring for this. Unless it stands out in relief, like a welt in real life, then I would feel fairly confident that most modellers could paint a stripe on the figure's trousers without difficulty.

on the +
I like the telescope pose rather than the gormless theatrical one in the Zvezda set pic referred to above etc etc.

Anyway this is not HaT who seem to show their roughs/masters inviting reader comments with a view to amending and adapting them. So wysiwyg.


Re: Masters for French Field Artillery 1855

Wow. I really like the poses. Can't wait to add them to the Sevastapol, Infantry, and Cavalry sets.

I do like all the details. For a nonpainter like myself, authentic sculpting right out of the box means everything to me.

Great work sculptor! :-)