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Yes. Easy to include the generic mule sprue with a pewriod specific load sprue and cover many, many periods.



These do indeed look fantastic. Beautiful sculpting and full of character.

These would do for a a whole host of ancient armies, and it would be fantastic to see analogous sets for 18th and 19th civillians.

Well done strelets!


Strelets you would "kick a$$" .with releasing box set with 12 mule ?

Yes Strelets "kick a$$ ".

I hope future sr sets will perhaps provide a muleteer/handler/driver rider now.all you need is perhaps a different pack now and again.

Oxen also big transport draught animal for majority of countries.I am using nexus/atalantic texas cattle for dragging animals but this is only temporary until you release the roman transports .awesome.This is a wonderful set .The agons are fine i can utilize them very much and i think others indicate conversion ideas with canopies and curtains etc(to compliment your creation).

Okay go wake up teh designer get him to work now and let see if he can make a limber ! i let you off the hook only if you make horse artillery. If we have generic draught sets of oxen and mules we should have limbers. Change it up strelets lets think outside the big box and less of the rattle !.