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Re: Roman transport

Strelets sure has a winner with this set. Absolutely love them.

Re: Roman transport

I was really impressed by the imagination that went
into these sets. They are so much more than what I
expected. I really liked the figures and the cart
in the second set. Great job! My only quibble, and
its a minor one, I would have preferred a single
figure to drive the cart rather than the co-joined

just Paint the carts dudes !

what bunch of party poopers ...

Re: just Paint the carts dudes !

I am not into Roman era but there are some cracking ideas here. If nothing else the mules are just what the doctor ordered!

Produce a mini set of pack mules only with the loads without delay.

The Western allies, being mainly mechanised in the 30s, may not have used horse power on the scale of the Nazis but mules are a different matter!

if the public gets what the public wants !

is song to listen to. but it speak volume so yes rcd a mule set alone would be big buck$ winner for sr and collectors. roman up to korea wars.awesome .

then make technical sets that have different poses for mule dfrivers in each set. so mule set becomes a generic wars resource pack.

tents also. arabian tents and bell tents square marquee tents .ones that paint does not distort so plastic used pse.yes way to go rcd....i have long been an advocate for teh mules especiale FFL etc.

Re: if the public gets what the public wants !

These are quite wonderful,they will of course be popular in their own right,but the mules......yippee about time someone did them,oxen...ditto, the carts in these sets will be bought for converting up to about 1500ad or so ,the figures no doubt will be used in countless dioramas,they fill alot of gaps,get them in the shops strelets,but sort the wheels out first.

the public gets what the public wants ! pregnant women

Dear All

The pregnant woman is near full term so I presume she is carrying the sack to speed things up (induce labour). They did have cloth bands to support the foetus so Strelets have this right. A swig of wine also helps, kindly offered by the lady next to her but baring the breast is a bit obscure.