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Strelets box art

Dear Streletsians

The box art for the new Strelets sets is on the Hannants site and variety is definitely the key word. The First World War ones are very moody with re enactor montage scenes. They remind me a bit of the covers you get on DVDs although the British Cavalry Late ( like the US Cavalry-always late ) is not as successful with the montage.

The lettering is strange especially as in this font the Y reads a bit like an "N". The Fraktur/Gothic script is very much a Strelets favourite though most of the old boxes have the "y" easily defined. We have now almost graduated to full Fraktur the "k" next. It is obviously a Fraktur and suited to old German. It looks good on the German Stormtoops box and other Germanic ones but strange on some of the others - but fun.

It reads Walbaum Fraktur ( which is what the Strelets font looks like)
"Victor jagt zwölf Boxkämpfer quer über den Sylter Deich"

mentioned this phrase before in a recent posting.

Strelets boxes are certainly unique.


Re: Strelets box art

For later Germany, Sutterlin is a very good font too.
About boxes, is it normal to keep all of them, instead of throw them away?

Re: Strelets box art

Dear Hugh
Sütterlinschrift is very interesting very much an attempt to introduce or revive old calligraphic styles in the early 20th c. I didn't realise it was a font but it looks good. I was taught Italic at school ( a similar revival) and that is still my handwriting style.

I store my figures in the boxes but desprue so about 3 sets per box and the duplicate boxes I throw away/recycle. I have one or two original Airfix boxes but I have flattened these and I do not store figures in them.

Space or my lack of it is my final frontier.