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Re: Napoleonic Austrian Generals & Aides

Hello Doug,
I've got some of the figures in front of me now. The
Mounted Officers and Aides are the same size as HAT (I'm using the Hat Austrian Chevaulegers in comparison)
They are very well proportioned.The horses are taller and longer than their Hat compatriots. In fact they are taller and longer than the Strelets Cuirassiers! The horses are closer to the Zvezda Saxon Cuirassiers, size-wise, though not as muscular.
The Austrian Infantry can march side by side with the
Hat Austrian Infantry. Since the Hat set doesn't contain Standard bearers, Drummers and those awesome Pioneers, you might want to pick up some of those too.
So I hope this little review helps you.

Paul K.

Re: Napoleonic Austrian Generals & Aides

Thank you! I agree, the pioneers are cool. I'm going to get a few figures this week.