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Re: WHAT IS the best 2010 strelets' set

I like my figures to look as real life as possible. I understand there may be those that like the style of Strelets and others figures, but I like realism. Strelets cover some interesting subjects and I would use them if they were more realistic and better produced. As you point out Airfix set a higher standard 50 years ago

Re: WHAT IS the best 2010 strelets' set

I think you have to look at the way the masters are produced I cant say for sure how strelets does it, but I get the impression their 1/1 so no bigger then the final product or maybe a tad to allow for shrinkage...
pegasus masters for example are at least 6 inches tall and this can make a lot of difference to the final produce but is more expensive as well..

I would like to know more about strelets production methods but maybe its considered a secret by them...

over to you Strelets....


Re: WHAT IS the best 2010 strelets' set

Dear Ironside

I think Valdemar use 1:1 master to production model scaling and they are superb. The spetznaz masters and others by Alex (sculpts for Valdemar) on Benno's forum are certainly 1:1 as there is a mm rule and a plastic figure next to them. Lots of photos of his work on

in Russian but easy to follow and the masters are often with a small Russian coin to give the scale size.

The first pic shows his attitude to scaling which I can't fault.

Some of Strelets sculpting is good but there seems to be a lack of discrimination or quality control as the very good and very bad often get mixed in the same set or the same series.

( I cited the RTW Winter Russians as these IMHO look smaller and more slender than some of the recent sets. In fact I have one in front of me next to a new Zvezda WWI German and they look fine together in terms of scale and proportions. Some of the Bashis have very nice detail but lack posterior bulk. I intend to get more of both these sets. The RTW Winter Turks also look good though I haven't got them yet.)