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Re: Thank you Strelets!!!

Not to be a spoil-sport, but that officer is pretty useless -- by the time poison gas started to be used in 1915, no French officers on the Western front were waving swords around and only the most foolhardy of them would wear their kepis in the front line. This seems to be a common problem for Strelets sculptors in dealing with World War I sets, as with the Austrian and Russian infantry -- but at least swords were more prevalent in the Russian Army. As it stands, this is a nice set of gas-mask clad poilus without anyone to command them.

French officer with sword and kepi

Change the head or give him a helmet and the arm holding the sword for one waving or my preference holding a whistle.... i think a lot will end in the waist bin anyway as you dont really need so many officers.... personally my choice would have been for a Rifle grenade launcher... but im working on that one anyway...


WWI swashbucklers

Dear Samogon
I agree and I think you are right to point that out and others have done previously re the Austrians etc. The best he could be is representing somebody who has gone insane and wishes for a quick death from a German sniper.


Re: WWI swashbucklers

"The best he could be is representing somebody who has gone insane and wishes for a quick death from a German sniper."

If he did survive he would probarbly be court martialled for disobeying orders, indeed all insignia denoting rank was minimised to prevent not just officers but non coms from becoming sniper fodder...


Strelets French Inf and Airfix

Hi Bill, to answer your question, the Strelets French are bigger and bulkier then the Airfix French. Interestingly, the Strelets British figures seem just slightly smaller than the usual Strelets product. I really love their olive drab colour. For now my Strelets French and Brits are battling Caesar 's WWI Germans, however, I look forward to buying all the figures for this range from Strelets. Personally, while I love Strelets figures, I don't like to mix them with those of other manufacturers.
Regarding the officer figure with the sword, one of the things I especially like about Strelets is the action packed poses and theatrical feel to some figures - for me this adds excitment to the figures. I have no idea whether it is accurate or not, and I don't care, as it looks good to me (but that is just my taste!)