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To Strelets*R - Ideas Continued

Sorry I missed the thread below, so if I may ...

I really like the ideas from everyone discussed below. Especially ...

* Long Tom Cannon for Boer Wars. As for myself, I'd use it for Boer War, Boxer Rebellion and WWI. I think it should have many direct and conversion uses!

* Boer Wars Command Sets with famous personalities for both sides - A Must Have!

* Boer Wars Artillerymen for both sides. I thought both sides had Long Toms, but could be wrong. If correct, make Artillerymen and put the same cannon in both sets.

* Custer's Last Stand and Indian/Plains Wars Sets - Oh yeah! Neither Atlantic's nor L.T.'s sets are up to your "Today's Standards" and there are endless possibilities for ...

* Native American Indian Warrior Sets - There are endless possibilities for these. You could corner the market with a whole range for these. They don't have to be for any one purpose - But for Action Warrior Figures on both foot and horseback.

* Camerone & Mexicans & French - Especially Mexicans in Sombreros on both horseback as lancers and foot with rifles and pistols. Endless conversion possibilities and Eras/Battles/Wars to be used in.

* Pioneers in Buckskins and 'Coonskin Caps like Daniel Boone. Some real fight'en poses like the great classic Marx sets, which by the way the moulds are still in production today after all these decades.

* Royal Canadian Mounties both mounted and dismounted - To go with the Indian and Pioneer Sets. I know there some long-time forum members here who would like to see these made :-)

* Both Russo-Japanese War & Spanish American War - E'hem, e'hem, I've got e-mails back to 2007 saying they were going to be made by "the-another-company" and all I've seen is a whole lot more gray hair on my head, chest and ...

I too love your materials, sculpting and colours.

Thanks for listening, please keep an open mind, and Happy Collecting to all you great guys making suggestions for the hobby :-)

Re: To Strelets*R - Ideas Continued


I would also like to add French Colonial figures to the list and I have suggested Pierre Cambronne at Waterloo. However , it came to me the other day that one of the best sets Strelets could make would be.............. GEORGE WASHINGTON , Lafayette , Von Steuben , Pulaski , Kosciusko etc.You do the best personality sets ; how about it ?


Re: To Strelets*R - Ideas Continued Big Box

Since you are opening up a lot of new ranges, or expanding existing ones. I would suggest you make some more big box sets before we buy all of the sets in singles. I really like the GNW big box sets and I got a great deal on them.

Re: To Strelets*R - Ideas Continued

Mounties yes, you would sell thousands sets with using well chosen box art at the many fort souvenir shops.not enough actual models of the ride west period.

FFL Mule company for Arlin,could be a great set.with some friendly muleteers and veteran escort/riders could provide a very animated set. i would envisage these would sell hundreds to non ffl collectors just for the loaded beasts. make an SR 40 plus set. with 8 mules varity packs,make mule ambulance one of them.

FFL Scout party Spahis on horse, spahis on holder, casualty over saddle.

a acw military hospital set.with generic casualties. cover colonial era.this could be converted easy to other ranges.

Prussian army.(you have done the french almost)
Stsrt this range with a new colonial era command set

1 sprue Prussian BAND musicians
1 sprue QUARTER MASTER master ammo party figures
fannions and big moustaches etc TELEGRAPH/SEMAPHORE FLAG GROUP


Re: To Strelets*R - Ideas Continued

* Spahis, of course - Spahis!

Thank you, HFTGH. I'm glad you remembered to suggest them. They would be a natural to go with the Chasseurs d'Afrique. I forgot to include them - Durn!

(By the way HFTGH, my French Teacher friend in Tokyo married a Japanese beauty. She always said "Durn!" when we talked of something surprising or unbelievable. It's stuck with me ever since)

Have a great week

Re: To Strelets*R - Ideas Continued

Japan should adopt a latin base language like Turkiye did teh we can communiccate better.when i walked atound the streets in tokio i did not know where to go as i could not decypher signs,
very diffiuclt to go shopping or find hotel etc


Dear Hank
They have done.
The Japanese have Romaji which is the latin based script. It follows the alphabet a i u e o, ka ki ku ke ko and so on. This alphabet ordering is known as the gojūon. The hiragana ひらがな and katakana カタカナ (I have written in their respective scripts after the romaji) also follow the same alphabet ordering.

BTW Tōkyō is the correct Romaji or 東京 in Kanji.

military bit:

Japanese tank designations in WWII incidentally follow the very old iroha alphabet i ro(go) ha ni ho order based on an ancient poem which contains all the syllables ( a bit like the English "quick sly fox....)

for example
type 97 chi ha medium tank

九七式中戦車 チハ,

97 九七 type 式 medium 中 tank 戦車 chi ha チハ

chi ha is the third tank in the series. 97 is the year the type was adopted ie last 2 digits of year 2597 which is from the birth of Japan in 660 AD hence about 1937. Simple when you know.

さようなら (hiragana)
sayonara (romaji but should be accent on the "o" ie long vowel)
bye (English)


Re: japanese

is no good i cannot find macdomalds . i am wonder they did not invade here there is no room.

Re: japanese

Dear Hank
They are the most popular restaurants in Japan. In UK we have the Wagamama restaurant chain which is cultish and serves sushi, ramen noodles, and so on Japanese style. Teens and twenties( including my youngest daughter and her friends) would not be seen dead in a Macdonalds but love Wagamama. A culture topsy turvy.
BTW China also has a Roman script called Pinyin. It has been adopted throughout the world hence Peking is now known as Beijing and with the accents Běijīng.


Re: japanese

O'Brien Sensei,

Very, very well translated!