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Winter War Continued

Dear Strelets,
I am very excited that you are making Winter War Finns. Will you also make Winter War Soviets? Perhaps your WW2 Romanians will be followed by Hungarians, Germans and others? WW2 Japanese could even fight your RKKA at Nomonhan? Just some thoughts.

Re: Winter War Continued

Dear Mako
Good ideas. Winter warfare suits the Strelets' style. I have done one conversion to a winter Japanese using a Strelets Red Army winter Russian.This involved chopping a little out of the overcoat to reduce the height and adding an Esci set 204 head.


Re: Winter War Continued

Hi David, yes I strongly agree that Strelets winter sets are excellent, especially the RCW stuff. Would be nice is Strelets venture further into WW2, but I guess we will have to wait and see. I love Strelets style, but I dont think it matches other similar figures, so while there are a lot of Winter Soviets from other companies, we need Strelets Soviets IMO. Still Winter Finns are a great start. Summer Finns could fight their RKKA set. Lots of possibilities for Strelets.