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Re: German Stormtroopers

Warwick Hunt
The Bergmann MP18 would certainly have been a useful addition. Opinions vary as to how many saw service, but some certainly did, and I'm not aware of such a figure being available at present.
Well, with so few German Stormtroops sets available it would be no surprise if a certain weapon or pose was not represented. A German with an MP18 can however be found in HaT's set of German Heavy Weapons.

Looking at these wonderful figures explains how easy it was for Germany to win the war; much clearer than any book I've ever read.

Re: German Stormtroopers

Remember - these guys can also be used for late war Austro- Hungarian and Turk stormtroopers

Re: German Stormtroopers

Dear all

I agree with comments.

When I look at the figure 2nd pic far left(grenade thrower) and the one immediately below and there seems to be at least two sculptors at work. I am not sure what the lower figure is doing or why the face is so grotesque. Maybe he is wearing a mask to go with the armour. The wire cutters also don't look right. Most 1/72nd scale WWII German tank models usually have a pair (wire/bolt cutters and very similar to German WWI types) depicted on them. The flared parts are guides for the wire to be directed onto the blades.
Some of poses are nicely animated and I hope they are compatible with the Caesar H035 and Revell sets.


Re: German Stormtroopers

A German with an MP18 can however be found in HaT's set of German Heavy Weapons.

I do beg your pardon. Forgot about that.

Re: German Stormtroopers

Yes forgot about him.