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To S*R Re: Turkish Artillery & RICHARD Re: Chasseurs D Afrique

Wow S*R and Sculptor! Wonderfully exciting sculpting on the masters for Turkish Artillery. Another uniquely classic and original set in the creation stage that looks absolutely "mouth-watering good." I'm back to saving my "Milk Money" so I can buy my share of them." Many of your other sets will surely become "cannon fodder" on the other side of the table opposing them as soon as your customers can dust-off off our weekend-warrior uniforms, kiss our loved-ones goodbye (if only for a few hours of fun in our time-machines) and do our thing!

CHARGE! / FIRE! / ADVANCE! ... and meet your destiny like the heros you were born to be ... !

There is no doubt in my mind that HFTGHank is likely sitting in his Hobby Quarters right about now with burned-out light bulbs, and rock-hard paint brushes, and worn out butter-knife dull paper cutters, and a few curious Coyotes and BobCats in the hills outside his door strategizing his next Diodrama with no less enthusiasm than Napoleon before a new Campaign.


RICHARD - I really enjoy and appreciate your posting of your painted CRIMEAN FRENCH CHASSEURS D AFRIQUE just recently below this posting. Your painting makes them some of the "Beau Ideals" of French Cavalry on Horseback. Although in the FORUM, and not in the CONTRIBUTIONS Section, I'm glad you took the initative and posted your great work for us all to see. It is a coincidence that you posted your pictures almost on the same day I pulled out my first new box of them from my shipping box to clean and de-sprew them. I'm comfortable knowing I'll never be a painter because I can take the lazy-man's path and come to the forum and S*R Site and find all of the Michaelangelo's like yourself of Toy Soldiering right here. I really enjoy admiring other Collector's hard work equally as much as I do cutting-away on my own conversions, and especially, just cleaning, de-sprewing and setting up the stock classic work born just as is.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone ... and of course, Happy Collecting!

To S*R Re: Turkish Artillery & RICHARD Re: Chasseurs D Afrique


Thank you, I sent recently to strelets - r more photos of Chasseurs d'afrique for putting under contribution. I like the uniforms of the 19th century, yet colorful.
Rest assured I also painted very slowly and consult many forums to find information on painting techniques.
I have dozens and dozens of boxes that I certainly do not paint.
Feel free to spread your painted miniatures.


To S*R Re: Turkish Artillery & RICHARD Re: Chasseurs D Afrique

Hi GC , greetings we cross sprues again chuckel.

Yes you are correct in sumizing my current occupation with hobby time anti climax. However for the next diodrama it will incorporate all of Cetate.So yes something of the same period ,but bigger is underway, with another 1000 figures to supplement/represent ottomans who should be,and also increase on battlefield area.

The Russians are virtually complete,more cossack, as far i can take them.But there are areas of teh Ottoman forces that need/must/will appear to supplement the SR turk figures.i cannot rest until achieved.

My eyes have taken SR RTW Turk artillerie and i have a few idea for them already in back converting 25 year to 1853.Teh april 2011 release of turk cavalrie will also hope for some usage in 1853 also.So i am magnetized to this 1853 time warp untiL i am satisfied
i can supercede Battle of Cetate with an eclipse of replicating another nearby battle of proportion.

yes i am teh sloppy hobby desk guy. You omit all teh conversion debris mountain figures on trays ,painted on sprue in state of experimentation staging and of painting ,with broken model knife blades amidst milliput green stuff and negligent discharged globuals of super glue which fatally adhere to teh once antiquated table varnish.finest crockery requisitioned and relegated as mere painting palatte.

my disgust with having to turn my precious figure time and research into various required scenic production is soemthing you know i despize to an intense hatred level. ?but what choice, is no choice...

outside is dawn, coyotes quietly eat last of avocadot windfall crop in middle of orchard.afar,one bobcat lies victim to teh creek road and its cadaver being tear portioned by gorging turkey vultures . you dont have to look far for inspiration.okay i leave you more periodically than before. it is time of year to return for further project convalescent at fp.

M. Richard we liek to see more of your chasseurs,teh furore of french afrikan csvalrie cutting down their foes i hope.

have a good weekend diodrama it is

"SILISTRA 1854" !......