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Re: with or without limbers ?

Haed for the guns hank

With 4 horse team and limber = field artillerie
with 4 or 6 horses and limber = horse artillerie

Wrong! The only difference between Horse and Field artillery (the guns are identical) is that everyone in a Horse artillery battery has a horse.... a pair of team horses for the drivers and a saddle horse for the cannoneers.

No more useless "limber riders" please!

The 12 Pounder Napoleon, Parrot Rifle, 3" Rodman and howitzers all called for a six horse team, although shortages sometimes forced Confederate units to use four. Batteries in the Union army often changed role from 'Flying' (horse) artillery in support of the cavalry or 'Mounted' (Field - the guns were mounted but the crews marched) at different times during the war as the command saw fit