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Great news, Strelets!

Re: Great news, Strelets!

Great News. Thank you very much to Strelets for listening our cries. I think Hank did all the work. I have just opened a poll. There are also lots of contributors to the forum who want this set.

I will buy mu promised 10 sets. Lets hope the collector comminity buy lots of Turks and prove that strelets have made a good investment.

Maybe I buy 20:)

Strelets! where art work

BTW It is so nice to read about Strelets figures releases first on teh strelets website/forum than other ones.

hey how about some box art for october../november releases.

November then . i see dates.

still gives us good hope. april for cavalrie least they still in teh game.

hey strelets hope you got lancers in them turk big mistake in Kalfat is not enough lancers.