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The New Strelets WWI Sets

Dear Strelets

I am very much looking forward to your new WWI sets. I am pleased to see you producing sets that have been overlooked for far too long.

But I have a few questions that hopefully you will find easy to answer:

There is a release date of Oct 2010 for set M055 German Stormtroops, but no release date for M056, M058 and M060, which seem to be further advanced (the Russians in Gas Masks look great, by the way, just the right amount of 'eerie'). Do you have a release date for these 3? Perhaps they are also scheduled for Oct 2010?

I'm looking forward to both British Cavalries, and the Austro-Hungarian Honved, in October 2010. I am wondering what will set 115 be? It is in the WWI section, so it will be good! Any hints?

Re: The New Strelets WWI Sets

Some German Stormtroops? And about time, too.

no ww1 support sets

okay sr have gone war1 overdrive. but what support sets will we see is my fear and major question..

if ever a war was horse and carriage dependent this was it.......

Re: The New Strelets WWI Sets

Warwick Hunt
Some German Stormtroops? And about time, too.
Yes, one can't find any for love nor money. Whereas there are thousands,nay, millions, of British Infantry sets; anyone would think they won the war or something!