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Re: What Happened to S*R's Michaelangelo Sculptor?

Wow! Yes, it certainly is a tease. And thank you S*R for the lightening-fast reply.

As you can see, we are all excited to see your new products coming out. Sounds like 2011 will be even more exciting than 2010.

I'm especially glad to see that you are looking far into the future towards more growth, and I'm glad to see your business plan is succeeding. These are "challenging times" for many, and it's comforting to know this hobby continues to thrive through the tough times as well as the good times.

When I need an up-lift and a little quiet time, and at very little cost $, there is nothing better than grabbing a new box of 1/72 figures off the shelf, washing them off in soapy water, clipping them off their sprews, and setting them up and just admiring them.

My Crimean Cavalries just blow my mind how life-like they are. Once they are out of their boxes and on my desk, the sounds of cannon shots, horses snorting, and commanders barking orders just fill my imagination.

What a wonderful Return on Investment!

Have a great weekend, everybody! :-)

Re: What Happened to S*R's Michaelangelo Sculptor?

Great news...

Great Thread...

Great weekend...

Now working on my next project...