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Re: WW 1 early British Cavalry

Dear All
Goodness, nobody spotted the horses are unicorns .
Yes I know what they are for but not for the early ones.

There seem to be two sculptors at work especially the one who can't resist the Feldman eyes.

My Grandfather O'Brien looked like Kitchener ( he was 13 yrs younger than Kitchener) my other Grandfather also had the trimmed down version of the Kitchener moustache so it must have been very popular by that very simple survey. Undeniable fact that every British male at that time of a certain age looked like Kitchener. General Melchett had the tash if you want further proof.
The pose I like best is the boring one with the rifle slung on the back and both hands on the reins give me ten of those and one of the NCO saying halt. I suppose the heads could be swapped with HaT's ALH to give the dismounted types and variations.


Re: WW 1 early British Cavalry

Perhaps there could be a choice of moustaches supplied; the Kitchener, the Chaplin, the horseshoe, and although not solely a moustache, perhaps the Colour Sergeant Bourne. And a David Niven perchance.

Re: WW 1 early British Cavalry

Alan Buckingham
Is there a prize ?
You win my admiration, Mr. Buckingham.

Re: WW 1 early British Cavalry

Who says moustaches don't conduct electricity. The prize will be a Kitchener moustache and a lance or rifle, whichever wins!


Dear all

Worth remembering that out of the BEF's Ist Cavalry Division's 5 brigades and 3 regiments per brigade ie 15 regiments in total- 4 were Lancer Regiments. Lots of postcards and illustrations of this period Aug/Sept 1914 showing the British and Germans pig-sticking each other.

For example
"On 29 August 1914, C Squadron* of the 12th Lancers made a successful charge against a dismounted squadron of Prussian Dragoons."
"In a rare old-fashioned cavalry charge, the British 12th Lancers ride down and spear German Uhlans at Cerizy "
"The Germans, too, in 1914, got a taste of the same medicine. At Cerizy during the retreat the 12th Lancers got into a force of German cavalry, whose horses had been stampeded, and speared 70 or 80 of the enemy, who proved to be of the 2nd Guard Dragoon Regiment." 1928 the Canberra Times

no two accounts the same.

Probably easier to sort out whether the Romans had bendy or straight shields- remember?


* 3 of these per cavalry regiment