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Late WW1 British Cavalry

These look good to me as well,once more i will be buying these,nice one strelets,another hole filled.These will paint up as the North Somerset Yeomanry very nicely

Re: Late WW1 British Cavalry

?they trust "yeomanry" with rifles,why is that not odd, i ask ?i thought they just have lances as they really like redif ?yes.

i see in london tate most wonderful gigantic painting of lancer ?i guess it is early war1. The detail is almost constable if it is not him. teh paINTING FEELS LIKE YOU ARE STANDING BESIDE TEH LANCER.

Re: Late WW1 British Cavalry

yes the Yeomanry were trusted with rifles,and more. Sorry Hank, but what is "redif" ? its not an english word. There are some great paintings along military lines out there , some artists are so talented it is like being there,I always like Lady Butlers stuff,not always accurate from a historical point of view,but they stir the blood.

Re: Late WW1 British Cavalry

Dear Alan
I know the North Somerset Yeomanry were deployed to the Western Front. Do you know when? They were with the 3rd Cavalry division c 11/14 but could have been deployed as infantry.
Has the Somerset Military Museum in Taunton re opened yet?
BTW most buglers play the bugle the right way up. I wonder if this is a Russian tradition. The chap looks like he is clearing spit out of it.


Re: Late WW1 British Cavalry

Hi David, I cant recall from when they were deployed, i did some top line research a few years ago, It was the unit my Grandfather served in,but i only found that out just before he died,(at 94 yrs).The county museum at Taunton is my all time favorite museum,not just for the great military history,but for all the other stuff there as well,I have not visited for a few years 8/9 i think ,but growing up near Taunton it was a great and inexpensive(FREE ENTRY) day out,i spent hours as a child drolling over the napoleonic and zulu war dioramas of the 40th/13th famous exploits.

Essex Yeomanry