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Re: pics of strelets british in gasmask

- the Lewis appears a little short but I like the pose! Will the final set have a British soldier using a stick granade - would it be better to have a roundish Mills bomb?
Yes, I love the pose of the Lewis gunner, just not the MG.

I think for WW1 it is not inaccurate to show British using stick grenades. The Hales bombs looked much like this one, I believe. Also, if these lads are going on a raid, it could be a club or knobkerrie.

Still is a good looking set, n'est ce pas?

Re: pics of strelets british in gasmask

Oui, Tray bong.

Re: pics of strelets british in gasmask

@ Strelets,
will all the WWI infantry sets be part of the upcoming october batch or will they turn up later (say january)? Since you already announce 12 sets for next month, I think the latter may occur - which is fine for me.
Can hardly wait for the 3 WWI cavalry sets & the RTW artillery!

Regarding the niggling in that other thread, one could get the impression that some people think WWI was an exclusive summer happening. WWI Brits in coats are a first in 1/72 and therefore a welcomed addition.

BTW, am I the only one who thinks that permanently advertising for a rivaling company here isn't the best behaviour at all!?


Re: pics of strelets british in gasmask

Peter, first off, STRELETS have said on this forum that they have no problem with people useing avatars (Hat), so nore should anyone else on their forum. secondly as for the greatcoats and bandoliers,you will note on the above thread I have asked for some referance from strelets,so we can see where the sculptor took his insperation from for these figures.So maybe we should wait and see what strelets say,if you know of photos or contempory drawings of British troops dressed for combat like this please share it,as i have looked and found nothing,I must add i like these figures,but thats not not the question,the question is are they historicaly accurate ?

cheap cheap

alas alan seem self opinionated reply swings over and back with sr voice then hat next.Must be a honarary companie director.poor guy has only 1 eye LOL.maybe he think he is nelson.

i stand with peter on teh just puts teh hobby into cheap low mode.brand avatars not cool.i do liek teh guys own ones is more appealing and original and fun.

but to me there is alreDY TOO MANY ADERtS , distractionn.You really think these silly icon are making great big big marketing value then those should be sold teh blindfold sold a cigharette and let out of misery after sold teh bullet too.tehy do it themselves is ironic.

GIVE US A BREAK FROM THAT junk. It only belittle 1/72 to look like palitoy suggest lego 2-6 ,and boy dib teh dob scout badge bob a job liek something from 1960 mentality. is not toys r us, fo ol.

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okay have nice weekend,....hurry up./

Re: cheap cheap

Head for the guns hank
...?bravenet hah i often winder more like beach-net, bra tznet difference.who cares ..who what, who cares who sins ,is much phony belloni.choke each other out go on...
Drunk again hank?

Re: cheap cheap

Do you like this one better ?