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pipes of pan play in the octobet open field

this is becoming more of a ball game ,with uncertainty of who teh field players will be when release comes. some of us have paid teh ticket but we dont pick teh teams.

wow nice work mr phersu,i guess some are bard for particular ceremonys like before a battel.tehn others used to announce the ferld play,call to archers, cavalry(horn guy look ood on a horse also )auxilliaries etc but hope it is not th devils tune they are playing.


David, Same thought, I'm looking at making one or two Turkish infantry and casting in metal.


is it too much to ask SR to at least put the same turks in an RTW big set with rouskie command.that would be okay.


why are strelets wasting so much time on turks


maybe you want to consider to ask zvezda that question also.

but you ARE aware of russian history you know how many russo turk war there were. Besides Who wants a collection with no enemy ?...How can it be a colelction with no opponnent ? NOT ATTRACTIVE.


Two very good points. Turkey and the Ottoman Empire have long been an important power in their own right, for many centuries and only a few sets from all manufactures to cover them. Some Infantry to go with the crusade era cavalry is much desired, with Byzantine opponents too. I'd personally like to see some more WWI Ottoman forces and some suitable British and Australian Opponents. Lawrence of Arabia and the Gallipoli campaigns would be a good start. I’d also like to see Strelets’ make take a good run at some Janissaries too.

BIG Russian Uniform Art CW Russian and Turk french brittish

there are mor e french and brittish

go look for Monday, 7 June 2010
Crimean uniform pics .

thanking Ralph MITCHARD for great colonial number 1 website.