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Re: Christmas Wish For Father Frost at Strelets... (One Each Only)

Well gentlemen,

it looks as if our hobby is indeed on the point of saturation, with only half a dosen of sets that are left to be produced
Do you remember wish lists just 10 years ago?



We were asked for only one set. I can think of so many WW1 sets still needed - all those minority countries and ethnic groups on the Eastern front. The Great war has hardly been scratched. We have the whole of Asia and its history to consider - an area that I know little or nothing of!

You could keep your style of producing orginal sets for another 10 years and still not fall back on the familar nazi sets that the leading sets keep churning out year upon year!

While I have not painted ACW since childhood (good old Airfix) it would be ironical if a Russian company produced ACW sets that American companies seem to be ignoring! I am sure you could produce a set of Prussian ACW observers to keep everyone happy

Re: Christmas Wish For Father Frost at Strelets... (One Each Only)

twin set (liek sr cossack navy artillery)

prussian 1870 infanterie with artillerie