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Teşekkürler Hank. You are more Turkish than me. That is for sure.:) I think Strelets don't like Ottoman/Turkish. Or they still think that Ottoman won't sell. That's why they even don't mention the Ottomans in the "Thin redline" box art. They think that forum posters are a small group who are minorty and doesn't reflect their actual customer base.
Maybe they are right. I don't know.
Ottoman/Turkish are the most underrepresented in our plastic 1/72 world. Strelets had a good chance. But they dont use it.


and so the 1/72 gateway to "the orient" is closed again.histoire is distorted again by misrepresentation and under representation.
slavics arab greek kurd checynan goumes tatars passed over tragically

what do we get ,romanian,,, !