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Re: RTW Summer Infantry/Aussie cops

Interesting i watch Ned Kelly last night the rtw summer look just like teh traps/cops.that be a fun conversion boer war guy as citizens etc

as i say above thread 064 was cw turks number so who knows ?

i have given 4 set away and also used several sets for converting .unfortunately i only thought about using hatless heads very late on to recover those figures heads i used,

Re: RTW Summer Infantry x 56

56 figures per set is good,

command figures i hope will come too

RTW winter/Summer Infantry and winter/summer/artillery

112 Russian Field Artillery in Summer Uniform
113 Russian Mountain Artillery in Winter Uniform

i am understanding the rouskies better 2 artillery sets.. but no limber is still a problem.very static.

if you strelets can make a gun carriage you can make a limber, you already done calculation for wheels so what is 2 more...? and a few bits less sprue and a limber instead ? no