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Re: Extra box of Turkish Infantry and

duncan i do not know what else can be said.its a great pity.

strelets i guess have their reasons.they did listen about dacians give them teh credits,and address teh situation. But this issue may be different they seem MOST retisent to provide any,or have anything to do with further turkish infantry. I think i have given up, is not a hobby when there is disappointments. we get enough of disappointments in our real worlds etc.
good luck

Re: Extra box of Turkish Infantry and

Dear Hank,

it's a bit surprising to see you complaining about lack of Turks with all those boxes of the CW Turks that you've got!
RTW series was intended to be an optional bonus to those who invested in Thin Red Line Turks.

Best regards,


Re: Extra box of Turkish Infantry and

"RTW series was intended to be an optional bonus to those who invested in Thin Red Line Turks"????
I have to admit this is getting more and more confused. Sorry Strelets, but at this point I really don't understand your strategy, or if I try, I have to admit it's really unlogical. So all the new sets for RTW were made as an optional bonus to one big box for CW...well bite me.

Re: Extra box of Turkish Infantry and

Why not putting the RTW sets in a new bigbox and include the "old" Turks?

Re: Extra box of Turkish Infantry and

"RTW series was intended to be an optional bonus to those who invested in Thin Red Line Turks."

Well thats Hank catered for then!....
I think this line of thinking has got too bizarre for me..... how many boxes of thin red line produced ? 1000 ? whats the normal run for a minibox? 4000+

seems like there will no where near enough turks to go round.... 40 turks does not an army make....

"Why not putting the RTW sets in a new bigbox and include the "old" Turks?"

good suggestion but I still wouldnt buy it as I think the CW turks are a half baked set for RTW....



Oh dear me, what is going on.. is so sad to see the discusion come to this. yes i did buy 32 sets 903.But why you try put that back on me ?....

You guys kept Turkish out of production for 4 years from announcement, but still i and others hang in there for them and so pleased you make but teh conditional options of the rtw sets,i am trying to understand. It is same for CW Artillery we hope it come.We still wait we dont go away we are loyal collectors.

It looks to me like a big demand for an "OTTOMAN ARMY" big box set containing like others have mentioned YOUR awesome 3 sprue of Turkish inafantyr with command ,bashi bazouk,artillerie and cavalry would sell plenty going by threads.

i tell you about my high expenditure just to try and get 16 gun and limber and crew for 2 armies(32 gun and limber) is terrible cost that other collectors must face also. No limber in rtw set will just be same problem for collector, Nobody makes a gun set without a limber .we see 2 guns 1 limber okay i buy double just to get the limbers. If you made a set LIKE THAT you are knowing i buy 64 artillerie sets to get 32 guns AND 32 LIMBERS(16 TURK 16 PLUS ROUSKIE) all correct for display.

I create an army by looking at the available figures.Artillery is what i build around. wITH SO FEW SCENICS FOR THIS ROMANIA/CRIMEA/ARMENIA based wars we really need any clue of the battle era.Limbers are part of the gun system a battlefield debris seen is a clue to what we display.

I spent DOUBLE THE $$$$ on getting my turkish artillery and russian artillery ,each 16 gun and limber set that i did on 32 x set 903.Thats money YOU strelets could have also taken at about 45% and saving for your I also on top help 1/3 cost of making metal artillery as teh plastic other manufacturers did not work out so good=scrapped.

The rouskie(emhars with sr heads make them look great) set worked out teh turkish did not.

one limber (forget the horses and riders thats easy convert).it is part of the artillerie system is liek a soldier without headware.

I needed guns and limbers for Kalafat-finale(Cetate) and Cavlarie(horse guns) i buy heaps of other sets to convert.i buy sr arab and sr seljukes just for 1 figure standard bearer and 1 trompeter player and horses..wait until 1sr week of september i have a week off i send you citate,you can work it out from the photographs.

i thought the hobby try and encourage collectors not put us in a corner. The cost of turks should be integral as a projected loss offset, for producing your RTW. One wont sell as well without the other ,is apparent.Talk in those terms with your taxman is operational loss. I like the Ottoman big box set concept.

okay enough, I need to finish some flocking.Mainly i am waiting on stupid backorder of Busch trees to complete "Moreni" hamlet east of Cetate. it has different older peasant style than cetate.

Re: Extra box of Turkish Infantry and

Strelets - you comments to your CUSTOMERS are some of the most bizarre I have ever seen from a business - could be interpreted as a "up yours" to all of your CUSTOMERS. You may wish to rephrase your response.

big boxes and little sets



At least Strelets is candid. Most producers would try to string us along. I was certain that RTW Turks would be produced but because they were not listed with the initial batch I had my suspicions.

Duncan's original point

Some of the best figure sets IMO are incorporated in Big Box sets. I don't want to list them but there are sets unique to Big Box sets that I would have bought several of rather than one. I am not sure that Big Box idea is sound marketing. Retailers/wholesalers could do a similar bundle and discount at their discretion. Then Strelets would get the best of both worlds - more choice and happy customers. In the end I don't like being forced to buy something I don't want; so I don't buy.

But then in 2005 I wrote

Dear Strelets fans
The post from Puppeteer below mentions Strelets set 071 as his favourite. It is one of the best sets from Strelets and such a pity it is bundled with the other sets. Nevertheless I did buy the big box and I was not disappointed with set 071. I would buy several of set 071 if it was sold singly. When compared with the earlier medieval sets it shows how much Strelets have improved in such a short time (practice makes perfect).

I know some will not buy it because of the bundling which is a great shame as this is one of the finest medieval sets around.

Nearly six years later I rest my case.

12 figures ( the Zouave looking Turks) per Big Box so 4 boxes (to make 48) @ £19.99 = £79.96. £79.96 instead of £4.99.


Re: big boxes and little sets

Strelets should have been straight with us from the start.. and told us there was not going to be any Turkish Infantry other then the CW Thin red line set... at that point we could have argued and fought over the remainder of the 1000 boxes that were actually produced to get the turks we needed for the RTW..... Not

discontented.... well actually throughly ****** off...

Re: Extra box of Turkish Infantry and

Dear Hank,

it's a bit surprising to see you complaining about lack of Turks with all those boxes of the CW Turks that you've got!
RTW series was intended to be an optional bonus to those who invested in Thin Red Line Turks.

Best regards,


Gentlemen, correct me if I'm wrong, but when the "Thin red Line" big box was out we didn't even know that a RTW range was planned. How were we supposed to buy lots of boxes in advance to obtain the infantry for a range that wasn't even there? And furthermore, to reproach Hank for being a good customer (and a very good one indeed), well... that is beyond me.
This simply can't be serious.

Re: Extra box of Turkish Infantry and

I really hope this is in jest. You can't treat good customers this way. Especially when your RTW sets have no other realistic uses besides that conflict.

Re: Extra box of Turkish Infantry and

Its interesting to read what is being said on other forums too...

The answer from Strelets was indeed surprising in its nature.

Sad as the range of 1877 cavalry and infantry is very good.

Re: Extra box of Turkish Infantry and

Duncan ,please be more explicitly what from other forums? .

Re: Extra box of Turkish Infantry and

Strelets may have its reasons, but I simply see no reason to not release the Turkish infantry separately especially considering the demand shown here for them. Even if one where to buy the Big Box for the Crimean War there are far too few turkish figures there to possibly justify buying it solely for them.

Please reconsider Strelets, and note that I for one will think twice before Purchasing any set for the RTW knowing that one of the major forces is missing.



of course rtw 1877 the Ottomans were all alone and sole opponent to the rouskies.

why is there presence diminsihed by strelets proportionally


Russo-Turkish War Range with no Turkish figures. Very funny.


Merhaba! Firat, seni çok özledim! But strelets even make only Revolution Red Army and no White Army sets is strange this rouskie logic ? no. One side is not uncommon for them to produce.So what hope have we for Ottomans? yes.


Teşekkürler Hank. You are more Turkish than me. That is for sure.:) I think Strelets don't like Ottoman/Turkish. Or they still think that Ottoman won't sell. That's why they even don't mention the Ottomans in the "Thin redline" box art. They think that forum posters are a small group who are minorty and doesn't reflect their actual customer base.
Maybe they are right. I don't know.
Ottoman/Turkish are the most underrepresented in our plastic 1/72 world. Strelets had a good chance. But they dont use it.


and so the 1/72 gateway to "the orient" is closed again.histoire is distorted again by misrepresentation and under representation.
slavics arab greek kurd checynan goumes tatars passed over tragically

what do we get ,romanian,,, !