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Re: Turkish 1877 Infantry.

Hear hear - well said

Re: Turkish 1877 Infantry.

I completely agree. No Turks, no buy!

Re: Turkish 1877 Infantry.

Unfortunately the combination of scarcity of turks and incomplete artillerie systems eg limbers etc) does not make this a collectable range.

If neither these sets can be made just as well to scrap the range and "focus on the waR1" GOOD LUCK.bUT YOU HAVENT YET COMPLETED THE WAR1 CAVALRIE RELEASE

Re: Turkish 1877 Infantry.

Funnily enough I don't expect any plastic range to be ever fully complete with every troop type for all armies involved done. But in the case of this 1877 range it is one of the two totally essential troop types that is not being produced. Limbers would be great but it is possible to game without them. You can't do a wargame with one side missing 75% of its forces....

Re: Turkish 1877 Infantry.

I think its a case of within reason... and i dont consider the lack of turkish infantry to be reasonable, a shame really this range looked promising I thought the Russian infantry were a notch above the usual strelets fair... but i wont be buying without any Turks...


Re: Turkish 1877 Infantry.

Dear All

So angry we have to keep starting the same thread from below

From April 10th 2010

Yes but I thought mini set snow swept Turkish infantry and summer Turkish infantry would be released to match the Russians. Maybe they will be slotted in this year. The cavalry should come in cold and warm weather versions or the choice that is appropriate for that types major involvement in a battle.

and now 26th Aug just
Never mind. I have only bought one RTW Russian set. A shame for those who have bought more. It would be cheaper to recruit the real Turkish army than buy those big boxes. Somebody said the rifles are wrong as well- I agree. Issuing the Turks as a big box ie all Turks could offer slight salvation.


Re: Turkish 1877 Infantry.

Hi guys,

usually I am quiet on the forums discussions since last year. But this is a topic, I want to give my two cents.

When I bought the Crimean Turks (well 10 big sets, sorry guys) I saw the different sprues and recognised the sense behind. There was no French style Turkish infantry in the Crimean war!!! These figures are for 1877 and would be useful for the 1897 campaign in Thessali. The ones in greatcoat are for the CW and 1877. So I hoped to see them released in a single box as Strelets did with the French Cuirassiers before. When I saw the politic of Strelets this way I thought myself "well, every other Zouave would work".

It would be better to have enough boxes of Strelets Turks to match the style of the sculpting. But if they would not be available, buy any other set of Zouaves. Emhar, HAT, Italeri, lots of metals. The only difference is the ammunition box on the front. So in case you want to mix your armies (head-conversions of Emhar 1870 Prussians would go for the Russians) than you have enough Turks for the Russo-Turkish war.


Re: Turkish 1877 Infantry.

Uwe , i am not following this very clearly.Can we refer to VMS Vanson (they move again to new archive link)then i can follow you.

i can also see big misunderstandings by poeple mistakingly crossing Egyptian and Turk and Tunisian uniforms. (each of these are all Ottoman as you know).They are 3 different armies and had own uniforms serving the Ottoman empire. tehre were Turk talles(light) and regular just like teh others.Infantry and cavalrie trained by French .Artillery trained by teh Germans.
Turks also brake down agan to the ordu's below 1-5 corps/army with variant regional charateristics.

Just like teh brittish have the english trouser line rifles and scotlanders with skirted material.teh albert shako replaced.etc

just like the French have Light/legere Infantry Zouaves Regualr Line Infantry.
which vanson french stle are we refering to vanson 6 or 7 sketch circa 1854 Balaclava.August new uniforms apprear and...for French also.
(sr Legere /light bye bye shako hello kepis)etc

So turks have new uniform also.
Paris: Ernest Bourdin, 1854 Raffet, Auguste (artist)

this BACKS and verifys VANSON image number 6...yes
only difference blue pants white pants

Vanson Figure 7 , says convoy in th e new french line uniform (that had kepis replace shako).

all this trouble,hah .You know why i do Kalafat 1853 now.And you know i am bias to Egyptian style( straight pants waist jacket taller fez/tarbouche) in Ottoman service.tehn we have the waist jacket and baggy pants too for egyptian talles.ETC ETC

vansons 7 is only OBSERVED AS "convoy duty" ,to appear as french perhaps not to be mistaken for russian.IS HOW WE COULD INTERPRET THIS.Englissdh and french of the day has changed and modernised in thought yes.

This happened alot in all wars to dress liek your ally and wear similar equipment in you get case shot at.or supply ships sunk(many as we know) shortage of coats etc.french surplus at eupatoria.oh such fun ...

Re: Turkish 1877 Infantry.

Hi Hank,

all true - but no Zouave jackets in the CW