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Re: New Strelets Sets for WWI

Great ideas for the WWI sets, including Romanians and Serbs. Actually, I think you could make Bulgarians that are different from Russians with their distinctive footwear, and perhaps a few with German helmets for the late war period and some German or Austrian heavy weapons. There would definitely be a demand and appreciation for them. Also, while the Polish legion would be a pretty limited set for WWI, it would be useful for the Polish-Soviet War that would complement your ACW Red Army sets.

Dear Strelets,
I agree entirely with everything Samogon wrote.
Here are some pictures of Bulgarian infantry & cavalry from different stages of WWI:

All 3 pages are worth a look!
Some drawings (including Romanians, Greeks & Serbs also):

And yes, I borrowed some of my avatars there lately.

Ditto due to the request for some Polish legion infantry & cavalry. Besides WWI they would be useful for all the conflicts the poles were involved in during the years 1918-1921 (including Polish–Soviet War 1919–21).
Heebs of pictures & links:

36 pages - a lot is about the 30's & WWII, but one can find some good photos from 1918-22 as well.

Anyway, thanks for the positive reply & I would love to see some WWI Serbs & Romanians from you!

Best Regards

Re: New Strelets Sets for WWI

WWI Serbs and Romanians would be fantastic!

Gas masks

Dear all

I was hoping the gas masks would be made in silicone rubber so they could be peeled off to reveal gasping heads of Tommies, Ivans, Fritzs etc underneath. Drat.

Seriously though, good news. How about one or two who were a bit slow putting their respirators on. I agree with comments about other WWI sets and add they are on the whole a bit sanitised. Airfix over a 1000 years ago had some wounded and dead poses in their WWI sets.


Re: Gas masks

Seeing some distressed soldiers who put on their masks a bit late would be very appropriate I think....I'd definitely buy such a set.

Re: New Strelets Sets for WWI

Hi.The Belgian are dis figs coming!?

attention to WW1 Austrian uniforms

Hello Strelets
Very good idea to follow up the WW1 trend . particularly appreciate the production of Austrian minis still not sufficiently represented . I'm thinking at their involvment in the Italian Front. Hat Austran infantry with ankle gaiters and classical backpack also for "action poses"(soon discarted) could be used only for 1914 East front and same thing for their, theorically, very useful Strelets one in they are all depicted without helmet and above also with those useless (for late period) gaiters and not with the generally used puttees. So i think that late type Austrians with gas mask and i suppose modern equipment and Mgs should sport those required puttees ecc..also by simple head swapping (German helmets, fezzes or field caps)they could easily be used as generic late type infantry, mountain infantry and also Bosnians.
thanks for your attention

Re: New Strelets Sets for WWI

Oh yes!! More Turks!!!

Re: New Strelets Sets for WWI

What we need are a decent set of Romanians, as well as a decent range for Africa. This would include the European Forces, their Native allies, a pack of native porters and maybe tribesmen. Unfortunately not all this subjects might be broad enough to receive a devoted box so they might be most suited to a Strelets type box not a mini one. This would allow a broader representation of the forces and might not create a situation manufacturers do of having a whole kind of soldier relegated to 2 or 3 poses in a set. it would also help show the irregularity these forces often possessed being cut off from supply lines from Europe and sometimes even the rest of Africa.

What do you think?